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CBW Retention Through Knowledge is a provider of proven products that simply "work" by retaining more of your customers.

Dealerships, Groups, PLCs, Vehicle Manufacturers, Bodyshops and other suppliers within the automotive and leisure sectors have seen real growth, by utilising our services.

Central to our approach is the development of a working relationship with our clients: a one size fits all approach is a poor way to conduct business, we therefore offer services that are tailored to our client’s needs.

By supporting growth and improving business sustainability, we use newly developed and unique products that simply lock your customer into your facility.

If you would like to improve your customer retention and at the same time increase revenue and profitabilitycontact us now.

Key benefits for you

Our products provide you with improved:

Customer Retention

Parts Sales

Financial & Insurance product sales

Car sales (new and used)

Bodyshop retail repairs

Service hours & job numbers

Plus - Job deployment via a new "First Notification of Loss Call Centre" who also “manage” and "handle" any claims

"How can you plan the customer journey if you don’t have a customer retention strategy?"

With CBW Retention Through Knowledge - you can!

Our approach is your solution

We maximise business impact through the design, development and delivery of innovative and engaging solutions combing best practice – gained by working within the industry for more than 87 years.

Most of the products we supply are "insurance-backed guarantee" and not the "standard insurance" policies sold elsewhere, this means that once sold your customers can only redeem the product at your facility. This is the key difference between our guarantee products and competitors insurance products.

Insurance products give the insurer control – our products leave you in control.

If you use our GAP policy, for example, and the customer makes a claim, we pay funds to the "supplying" Dealer (who sold the vehicle) and not the customer. This simple way of conducting business ensures the customer is contacted by you and purchases their next vehicle from you as you have the GAP funds paid directly to you. This ensures your customer does not disappear to a competitor!

Call us - we have a product that will make a fundamental change to your business – for the better.