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CBW Retention Through Knowledge offer products designed to improve your customer retention and improve profitability.

If you are just selling (standard) insurance products they will NOT guarantee that your customer's return to you? Here are just two examples of how you can improve your customer retention:

1. The standard GAP product
Pays the customer the shortfall when a write off occurs – our product pays the Dealer the shortfall funds. With the funds deposited within the Dealers bank account they call the customer and source the customer another vehicle, from stock or the showroom. Ensures your customer replaces their car with one which you supply.

2. The standard SMART or Minor Body Repair Insurance product
Allows the customer to go to any facility for a repair – our product pays the Dealer the claim value. This allows the Dealer to “manage” the customer into one of their facilities or a sub contracted repairer maintaining contact with the customer at all times. Will enable you position products to your customers in a unique manner, helping YOU sell YOUR F&I products and increasing sales penetration. Keep your customers' vehicles "as new" with our minor Body Repair Guarantee product. (You can complete the repair or sub-contract).

Bringing new products to “life”, giving you a competitive edge.

Complete product list

The products we offer are Insurance Backed Guaranteed, this simply means when you sell a policy the claim value is redeemable via your facility i.e. you are in control.

Return to Invoice GAP product (see above)

SMART or Minor Body Repair Insurance (see above)

Complete Vehicle Warranty Solution
Peace of mind for your customers - repairs completed at your facility.

Insurance Excess Protection / Excess Waiver
The best excess product in the market designed to retain your accident claim customers.

Service Plan
Launched in 2011, nobody knows customer retention better than us. It is a reputation helped by the fact that customer retention is our sole focus at CBW. Little wonder why more VM’s and dealers groups trust us to manage their customers’ retention solutions than anyone else.

Alloy Wheel Repair (including diamond cut)
Keep your customers' vehicles as "new" with our Alloy Wheel Repair Guarantee product. You can complete the repair or sub-contract.

Tyre, MOT, Misfuel and Windscreen cover products are also available, just ask for details.

We have a Call Centre to assist customers and to best manage their retention via swift claims processing.

We would suggest you use a blend of our products and established ones you may currently use – however many sites and suppliers are now switching to Insurance Backed Guaranteed products, as they are providing more consistant repeat business.

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CBW Customer Loyalty Portal

Loyalty schemes are an effective way to improve your customer-retention levels.

Increasing your customer retention will significantly increase profits. Customer loyalty schemes are an effective way to improve your customer-retention levels. The high cost of bringing in new business compared to retaining existing clients is undisputed so increasing your customer retention will significantly boost bottom-line profits. Many companies are however "missing a trick" when it comes to building customer loyalty. In a competitive marketplace, where customers find it easy to switch supplier, loyalty schemes are an effective way to increase customer retention and improve your profitability.

If you want to build a loyal clientele, keeping the customer satisfied isn't always enough. The fact that your customers are satisfied doesn't stop them from taking their business to a competitor who offers them something extra. To increase loyalty, you need to recognise and reward your best customers.

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A loyalty scheme can be used to incentivise and delight your most valued customers, that in turn can do wonders for your profitability.